Taking your own app idea, we go through each of the topics below. After each section has been explained, you get stuck in, applying what you've just learnt!

About UX

Discover what user experience is and what it's not, plus how the discipline overlaps with psychology, design, research and development


We create personas to understand who we're building the app for. Their background and demographics, building empathy for our user

Empathy Maps

Next using empathy maps, we look at where our user is on the app and what they're hearing, seeing and feeling at the time

User Journeys

Taking a situation from the empathy map we work out how our persona would achieve one of their goals using our app


Then we turn our user journey timelines into sketches. Using the POP app we turn the sketches into a prototype on our phones, ready for testing

User Testing

Finally you have the opportunity to interview and observe another human use your app idea, by rotating groups

"Putting into practice what we were learning - it really cemented the theory and reasons for UX"

Calling all volunteers!

This day is not complete without experiences from other professionals. Volunteers float around the room, mentoring each table.

You will play devil's advocate for each team, challenging design decisions and encouraging them to think outside the box.

Why volunteer

Teaching others is a huge reward. You will meet new people, share your stories and influence those looking to get into tech.

Get in touch to volunteer!

"I really learned a lot from the user testing phase, it improved our project a lot to hear an honest and fresh opinion"

Blog posts of the workshop

Check out what students and volunteers had to say about their experiences of the day!

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UX Masterclass 2016


Would you like this event taught at your company? Interested in volunteering? Then I would love to have a chat! Let me know by either email or Twitter


Tweet me a question at @EChesters!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is suitable for high school students and older and does not require any knowledge of user experience.

The event is ideal for those interested in changing careers into tech, is at the beginning of deciding on a career or simply curious about UX.

Yes! This event can be organised as a corporate day for your office, to encourage knowledge sharing or basic UX sharing. Likewise, I can run this event on behalf of your organisation.

Send me an email with what you have in mind!

Absolutely not! This course is designed for those who know nothing about UX, and want an introduction.

On the day volunteers will mentor all teams, challenging their app ideas and design decisions (essentially playing devils advocate). Volunteers are also welcome to share their experiences and add any information to the material during the presentations.

While this course has previously been run for CodeFirst:Girls, this course will be ran in the future which welcome all genders. Keep an eye on my Twitter for more news!

The day is split up into topics. For each topic there is a 10 minute presentation, followed by group work putting the topic into practice. Expect to be hands-on and leave with Sharpie covered hands! There will be lots of sketching, sticky notes and debates.

At the end of the workshop each team presents their app idea. Each team is judged on their app idea, what they learnt on the course, the thoughts behind each design decision and future plans for the app.

This workshop is designed to run for 1 day. Typically the day lasts from 10:00 until 16:30.

Please allow between half an hour to an hour for setup.

Sponsors have supported us by providing venues, prizes and food. Teams on the day are divided into groups of 4 people who may not know each other. Prizes must be sponsored in numbers of 4, to be awarded to each member of the winning team.

Previously, prizes have included Google VR headsets, copies of UX books, lab experiences, chocolate and stationnary.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, let me know by sending an email.

The material of this course does not include anything about user interfaces and aesthetics. This course focuses on UX research techniques, from personas to sketching and usability testing.

See the programme section for an overview of what is taught.

There are no upcoming dates for this workshop yet. If you would like to help organise the next event, let me know!


Huge thank you to all our sponsors for the July 2017 class!

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